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Boom What's happening my friend, it's Cameron Malcolmson here! I just wanted to share with you, what do marketers do... on a day-to-day basis... within the cameronlimitless.com...

It's everything that we've got going on here at the minute! :) So pretty much the question I wanted to address... is What do marketers do on a day-to-day basis? It's not gonna take too long to give you these ideas!

One of the main things we focus on is getting traffic! This is a Google AdWords account...

Internet Marketers Run Paid Traffic

This is like a place that I would come to, I've been "running ads" on here for a little while! A good little while and some of them I've turned off, some of them are running right now!

Over the coming weeks and months, I will implement more of these ads. That will be coming to our landing pages and that there you can see, over the space the time I spent £67.03 on here... I'd have generated 328 clicks!

On average cost us 20p per click! Which I find is pretty good! This is kind of where I play a little bit while doing internet marketing! Do advertising so I come to Google Adwords and deploy small campaigns!

Then I can see which ones work which ones don't work.... keep doing more work! Cut the losers this is one of the things I do day-to-day! Here are some examples of funnels I use to bring people to my landing pages...

Marketers Build Website Funnels

Another thing that I used day-to-day is this here which is a "funnel builder"! So Running ads is all good and all that there, but it's nothing without having the right structure in place! This is a key part of having the right structure!

This software can you can build custom landing pages and funnels to your heart's content! Have fun with it and you can make your own, develop your own ideas! This is somewhere that I come on a day-to-day basis as well!

When you're spending money over here on say Google Ads, bringing people to your landing pages! And your conversion pieces. You want to be in here a lot... optimizing your landing pages for example!

Something that I did yesterday, as I took the control landing page for the webinar... and I improved it by adding some images! So right now it's split-testing the two versions of the landing page! This is something that I do as well!

Using something like this here, a custom tracker and you can see here that.... okay, the custom tracker it's going to be tracking stuff. This is where you can see which landing pages are converting the best for me! I use that custom tracker to track traffic sources, where I'm spending money!

Internet Marketers Run Multiple Split Tests

You can see here that this was the control, then I made a variation of this... which right now is outperforming the control! With some little changes, I'm getting more opt-ins for the same traffic that's coming to the site anyway!

These are different things I use every single day with my internet business! Something else I use every day is an email autoresponder! Collect emails... send an email on automation and via broadcast email!

Internet Marketers do Email Marketing

Do one of them maybe every week... maybe two, maybe more! Maybe less sometimes... Just depends when sending out broadcast emails and this is something that I do every single day and use frequently!

Dive into this here optimize it... work on it! This is another thing that we do when we're marketers email marketing!

Another thing that Marketers use is "Custom Experience " Like a WordPress website, even like this one...

Internet Marketers Build Brands Online

This is where I can produce value... like valuable pieces of content on the blog! You can see there's the latest one from the blog, and I produce videos on here! Then I put them on Facebook and put them up across social media!

This is where I like to bring people to from my email list :) Home on the internet! I can show them what I'm all about! Where they can get exposed to the different new things... and other products/services!

Learn a whole bunch and get loads of value!

This is pretty much what I focus on in a day today!

Focus on this if you're doing internet marketing!

1)Running ads!

2)Optimizing (Custom tracking)

3)Sending people emails!

4)Provide lots of value!

This is pretty much what marketers do on a day to day, without getting into the nitty-gritty of it! It's a broad overview, my friend, Showing what Internet marketers do...

Pretty much what we do is run ads, collect emails, build marketing systems and then we send people emails taking them to pieces of value!

That's was the whole process, I hope you learned a few things and I see you in the next one!


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