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What is happening my friend are you ready to learn what a digital marketing funnel is? In this post, I want to explain what a digital marketing funnel is and how to use one for your online business!

Recently we had a few people on the surveys, I would like to thank you if you completed the survey... I found out that most people didn't know what a digital marketing funnel was?

Maybe that's you and you don't know what a digital marketing funnel is. That's what I'll be sharing with you in this post and where you can use one in your business even if you're just starting.


What you'll already know about online business

You'll already be familiar with a website? You know kinda like this website... Well, people usually build one when they have a business it's kinda like a giant brochure.

What a digital marketing funnel is steps that you would take someone through. For example instead of sending someone to a website where they can get information overload. And there are a lot of different things that they can click on and it takes time for someone to click through the website and go a read this thing and the other, then just leave...

Really what a marketing funnel is kinda like your person who works in your shop. The very first step of your funnel is going to be almost like your front door.

Your Funnel Front Door

This is where you'll send all your traffic to. Another example is when bringing traffic (visitors) from multiple different channels... You'll want to send all that traffic to an opt-in page! It's a page where when someone lands on that page within 3 seconds they know what result you can deliver and how they can get it.

What you can do on the landing page... That's the very first step of your funnel. You'll give away something of value, like survey results, free PDF, free course, report, checklist or free training for example... It could be any of these things, really it's about what you do!

Important note.

On the landing page, you don't really want to tell people what it is that you do... What you do want to do is build curiosity in the result that there looking for. So in my niche, most people are looking to make money. What I could say on the landing page, could be something like this... "Is a limitless business everything you need to market, sell and deliver your product passion or idea online? Please answer the questions below to find out" Most people don't even know what a limitless business is...

We had pretty much most of the people filling out the survey and they were just getting started... If you're just getting started or you don't have an idea what your niche could be that's OK. You can see over 100+ niches that are in booming industries right now inside the limitless money hub VIP.

So you don't tell people on the landing page what it is, you build up curiosity in the result that your business delivers.

Collecting the Vital information

After someone lands on your custom front door to your digital marketing funnel, you can have a pop-up! Or opt-in form, this is where the first conversion of your funnel will happen on the landing page. When people opt-in they'll opt-in with their name, email address and phone number, or whatever information your business is looking for. Ideally, in my market, it's usually only an email address and potentially a name.

Then what you would do is tell people what it is on the next page,  or in the free training/ free course etc and deliver it to them in their email inbox too.  This gives people the option to make a smaller commitment so they don't have to make a buying decision right away.

Though they can raise their hand and say, "I'm interested in what it is that your offering"...

Looking at it on the MACRO and micro

On the micro your business should have a funnel system, then on the MACRO, your business should be structured on the since of a funnel. The reason for this is really when you running ads and you're looking to be profitable, like if you want to spend $1 on ads and make $2-3-4 back... You'll have a better chance when you're collecting information and building a lead database!

When you have a lead database you can send people emails. This is another part of the digital marketing funnel. After you collect an email you can have automated emails going out taking people back to pieces of value. The value that answers questions that people might have about your product/ market.

 The Impulse buy Low barrier of Entry

After someone takes you up on your freemium/lead magnet you should offer something that's not really a big ask! Something that would show them the concepts of what it is that you do. The low-ticket offer can be something from $7-$97 depending on your market and what's an acceptable impulse buy.

This is after someone opts in and says YES I want to learn more! Then you give them what it is. And Basically, your lead magnet should just tell people what it is you just offered them. Once they find out what it is and there like OK I want to learn more you should have a low-ticket / trip-wire offer next!

After the Initial First Purchase

You can have this on the micro side in your funnel. kinda like "opt-in page, sales page, upsell and confirmation page. You can really be as creative as you want with this! Then on the MACRO, you'll want to have this implemented on the macro too!

So you would be running ad's to your landing page when people opt-in for your lead magnet / freemium/ideal thing that your customer would just love to have...  (report, checklist, free training, free course) it's really down to your imagination of what it could be!

The next thing is your trip-wire offer/ low-ticket offer. Because you really want to get people in the front door and buying right away or as soon as possible! Once people get into your trip-wire offer, you'll show them everything "pull back the curtain and show them what exactly you do" for example!

It's can be delivered in the form of a course, and this is what I recommend you do. Have a digital course that can teach people and show people the concepts of everything it is that you offer inside the course.

Once People Are Inside The Course

After they have consumed everything inside you'll ideally what to have your CORE OFFER. This could be the main product is that you really want to sell... It can be in the form of a how-to training, the specifics and ascetics of what it is that you offer.

Recap so someone comes in they get the lead magnet next they buy your trip-wire. Once after buying the trip-wire and learnt the concepts of what it is that you offer... Where they can take the information use it and get a result. People will what more and specifically how it is that you do it / see it on the screen.

So that would be your next course like your "how-to" course!

The Next Step In Your Digital Marketing Funnel

This could be something like a done for you service kind of like where you're actually doing it for people! And as you move up the digital sales funnel the product goes from FREE to low-ticket, to a medium ticket to high ticket pricing. This is what your business should be like on the MACRO.

Then you can implement this on the micro as well. This was the idea of what a digital marketing funnel is, if this is something that's of interest to you and you want to learn more about how you could do this... Even if you just getting started go ahead and check out Limitless GOLD. It teaches you the concepts of a 6 figure business.

Thank you, again if you participated in the survey!

Have a great day and I'll see you on the next video!

All the best,


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