What is email list building and why should you build an email marketing list?

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List Building Meaning!

A quick reminder on what is list building. You need to build your list for your online business. So hopefully you are Building your Email List!

The main point is building a list of information you collect. On the people who visit consume and use your products or services. That is the single biggest asset of your online business, in fact, if you don't have a list you don't have a business. The locomotive of online marketing efforts is yet to be overtaken by any other method.

Good Example of list building!

List Building means it should be done in every single business fact... Global giants like Amazon, why are they worth so much right now..? Because they have so much people information! Home addresses, phone numbers, credit cards are all on the database! It is why they are able to market and sell their products and services so efficient, they know their customers. All this information makes them more valuable.

Bad Example of not building a list!

An example where this strategy should have been used... A TV advertisement, where a company were doing great with their ads and they made plenty of sales, TV Ad continued to run on the Air. But When deciding to stop running the Ad after some time, they realised they never collected anyone's information. BOOM back to square one.

How to Build a list!

List building meaning starts with building an audience of people, in contrast, who are potential customers and customers for your business. Building a vast amount of data specifically emails but not limited to. The power of this is once you have paid, furthermore, to acquire your visitor to your landing page and opt-in to your list, you have the power to market to them what they originally opted in for. For only the cost of the holding of the information, that is very affordable for the power it gives you.

Why Build a List!

In this busy time where there is a lot of noise in the marketplace, also, keeping your Ad spend efficient and profitable. You cannot rely on just sending people to a website and 2% buy then you have potentially wasted money and hoping they come back again and remember you, they will most likely forget and get distracted with other shiny things :-D

It is important you need to build your list right from the very start. If not you are leaving money on the table... and it is a Key Tool for an Online Business. To Communicate Your Message... & maximise your efforts! :-) Sounds Great!

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