What's the Easiest and Fastest Business to Start Online?

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What the easiest and fastest internet business you can start from home? This is the easiest business to start from home it's an email business,

In this post I'll show you how you can easily start email businesses.


Email marketing is one of the best business you can start online or even add to your existing business.

Learn about a limitless business and all the concepts of a 6 figure online business.

Step 1: Email Marketing software

You will need an email service provider. I recommend is convertkit, I'm an affiliate and if you decide to use automation and integrations later I'll make a commission.

With this you'll be able to use the free version and build a list of 1000 subscribers and send broadcast emails.


All you'll do is click through and create a free account.


Step 2: Go Inside and Create A Landing Page

This is where you send traffic to, for building your list. Here's and example of one I created inside the software. There's ton's of templates inside that you can choose from and change up the words to suite your market.


You can go ahead a create a free landing page then customize it the way you like.

Step 3: Email Marketing Domain

You'll need to pick up a domain that you'll be posting and sending traffic to. This will double as your private email address that we will cover in the next step.


When you go to cameronlimitless.com/domains you will be able you select a domain there.

It's also my affiliate link so when you decide to buy a domain I'll make a little commission. All you'll have to do is type in your domain .com or .co.uk  hit search and see if it's available!

Buy a domain there only about £7 or so for the year!

Step 4: Private Email For Email Marketing

Once you buy a domain just go to manage and you'll be able to buy a private email marketing domain. I think once you create an account you'll maybe get a free domain anyway as well!

Buy a private email domain like your name @ your domain .com or something similar! This is to send emails from inside your email service provider!

If you just send mass email from a general email address like gmail or yahoo your emails will end up going to the spam folder!

It's super important to have your own private email address!


All you'll want to do next is add it to your email service provider in the settings and then the email part.

Step 5: Create a Lead Magnet

Next step is to create a lead magnet, you can do this inside a software called Canva. This is an example of a lead magnet I made in canva that was called: "3 common dental habits that can ruin your teeth". (this is a report, checklist, e-book etc) that you'll give away on the landing page in exchange for an email address!


All you'll have to do is create the PDF for the lead magnet you want and download it to your computer.

Then go to the settings on your landing page, then incentive and go to download choose a file and upload your lead magnet PDF there!

When someone opts into your email list this PDF will be sent to there email address!

Something I'll mention here now is when your in the settings and make sure you auto confirm email subscribers! So you can see your new email subscribers showing up in your new email marketing business!

Step 6: Redirecting Your Domain

Before we finish up. You can do this step so you have more control post the same link and redirect it later without having to go back changing links.

Just go to share on your landing page and grab the landing page link. Then go over to the domain you just bought and set up the redirect to go to the new landing page you just created.

This means when you post your domain on social media or wherever your going to post it. When people click that link it's going to redirect them to your new landing page!

Then Finally...

How do you get people to come to your new landing page? Keep a look out for the next post coming up, I'll share with you an influence building strategy to be able to attract people to your new lead magnet! And ultimately Build your email business!

This was the easiest business to start. Learn about how people are creating there own limitless lifestyle business online click here for my best resource to help you further!

All the best,

Cameron Malcolmson