What Type of Person are You?

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What do you really like to do? What Type of Person are You? Find out in this latest post, see the different mindsets when it comes to working.


My friend I've got a question for you today and that question is... What Type of Person are You?  Are you a morning person or are you a night owl? Because people are different and you know you're different, I know that I'm different and we all like different things!

Yet with today's society and the way we live... we were made to do the same things as everybody else! Like a cookie cutter you go to school you learn the same things! and you're expected to memorize all that stuff...

So really the question is do you know what you like? Really, do you know what would be your perfect workday? You know everybody's got work at the end of the day!

It's important to identify do you like getting up in the morning, doing some other things for yourself then going to work! Are you forced to be going to work when you don't really want to be going? I know a lot of people feel like that, would you rather be working?

I know for me and it takes me a little while to get going in the day! Then when it gets to like in the afternoon time then I start to get going! Then when it gets late I'm like I'm in full flow... Do you know what type of Person are You?

When you're working a normal job you're up at Like early in the morning... Then you're going to work and in your still like half asleep half the day! When you start to wake up it's nearly the end of the day!

My friend this is not reality anymore, you have the ability to make your own schedule! To work whenever you want, at whatever time you want, as many hours you want and as long as you want! What Type of Person are You?

You're excellent at what you do you can create your own schedule! With building an internet business creating your own schedule that works for you! on your own terms it's flexible all that stuff... I've seen guys online...

Where there making money online, when they go on holiday make more money than they spend and they're not even working my friend... That's the kind of like schedule that you can create for yourself with an internet business!

It's something that I dream about doing as well because it's possible! I've seen so many people do and my question is do you know what your perfect workday looks like? Does it look like waking up at 7:00 in the morning, maybe cut off early you know finishing at two o'clock in the afternoon?

That's you for the day, I encourage you to think about what's your perfect day? What do you like to do and really start to think about how can you implement these ideas for yourself! Whether or not you're working online or not right now...

Write out your perfect workday, what would that look like?

I've listened to this guy David Goggins and he says you gotta call yourself out! Identify the things you're really bad at and then choose one of the things to work on! Identify the things you're really bad at and then choose one of the things to work on!

So a few things that I wrote was reading, writing maximizing my day and morning routine! One of the big things I'm focusing on for you is my own routine so I make my own morning routine to know what to do... call yourself out! :)

What in the mornings do I have to achieve before doing other things! I encourage you to do this type of thing because when you make your own schedule of what you want to do...

When you start to tick these things off makes you feel really, really good about yourself! Then it breeds more confidence and more confidence breeds more success, my friend!

That's what I had to share with you, I hope you have a great day!

Your buddy


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