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 It's Cameron Malcolmson back here again in this video and in this one we're going to be talking about where to create info products! so well jump right into this here!

I'll show you how we can make a PDF download so just for simplicity, I'm going to Canva! I'll just click on this pre-made template! This can be the content, it's going to be separate from the e-cover! The product that they get...

You can write your ebook what you want to write say "this is how to create info products" right. So you can write as much as you want, this is your free e-book cover giveaway! Make this on Canva!

Download it as a PDF so that's how you can make these PDFs! If you wanna give this away or our squeeze page the first offer! :-D

If you wanna make slides you can go to Google Docs! You can, do that in Canva but Google Docs is good it's good quality and it's all saved in too. Make slides and make a slideshow of your information or your course!

For screen recording, what I use is called screencast O Matic. It's only like 15 dollars for the year! You can Record videos the way I do for your own information products! This is how you're going to create your information products!

If you don't really want to make videos or have an idea that making videos, you can always outsource it on Fiverr! So you can go to videos... video promotion! I'd rather just make it myself that's my sort of preference! :-D

Things I use are Canva for the PDFs and Screencast-o-Matic [refer link] for recording information products! This is the kinda stuff you're going to use to put this all together and if you use Clickfunnels put all that stuff and the back in the membership area!

So this was just a quick one, I'll leave the links to these resources:

Canva, Screencast-o-Matic, Fiverr and google dogs.

This is where to create info products have a great one cya later!

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